Velcome to the vonderful vorld of Verburgt.
Freelance digital creative extraordinaire.


I am a front-end web developer. Well, at least it used to be that simple. Now through my passions and experiences it would be more accurate to call me an online content creator, an animator, an illustrator, a photographer and a creative. But that’s too difficult to fit on a business card. Let's just go with Digital Creative, shall we?

My original skill set was rooted in animation and website design (back in the day when tables and inline styles were the bees knees). But my involvement in the advertising industry has expanded these core skills to include critical creative decision making. This new dimension of skills has led to my involvement in a number of large scale integrated advertising campaigns. I now bring this creative and marketing focused thinking to all my online projects. I have also combined my love for illustration with my skills in animation. Bringing a lot of my own creations to life for various clients.

It is this love of constantly expanding my skill set and combining various disciplines that allow me to contribute unique insights and crafted executions. This allows my projects to answer a clients creative and marketing problem more effectively.



BADC 2017: Finalist

Self-Promotion: Interactive
Credit: Graphic Designer / Photographer / Front End Designer / Developer

BADC 2016: Silver

Standing: Other Design
Queensland Health / Straight Answers
Credit: (Co) Art Director / Cinematographer / Visual Effects / Animator / Illustrator

BADC 2016: Silver

Griffith University / What's Your GNA?
Credit: Other Contributor

BADC 2016: Silver

Triffid / TV Stunt
Credit: Other Contributor




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